Our Vision & Spirit

Connection. Appreciation. Belonging.

Let’s get in Touch with our true Nature. Feel Connected. Experience Adventure. Be Happy.

Welcoming & Appreciative


Inspiring & Uplifting

Alive & Joyful

lf we had to chose the right words in order to express the spirit of our events and what we aim for it would be the following and maybe more:

  • Connection, Togetherness & Belonging
  • Alive & Joyful
  • Welcoming & Appreciative
  • Easy-going & Light-hearted
  • Strength-Oriented, Supportive, Strengthening
  • Humble, Empathic & Compassionate
  • Freedom-Loving & Granting Freedom
  • Kind, Respectful & Loving
  • Open, Sincere & Playful
  • Communicative & Sociable
  • Adventurous
  • Meditative & Mindful
  • ?

Independently of the topic of the event or workshop you wish to attend it is our fervent wish to connect people as much as possible so that everybody can feel welcome, appreciated and integrated.

That is the absolute basis of what we do and our life’s nectar that drives us.

To see people leave with their eyes lit up and watch them say goodbye with a hug from people who were perfect strangers in the morning is one of the biggest rewards.

We would love to see people get in touch with themselves and also create an environment where they can grow by discovering what they are really good at, what they love, what their contribution is to make the world the place they would love to live in and maybe even discover their superpower.

We would like to offer a place where this spirit is spread and more experienced participants can inspire and infect the newer ones.

A place where we can fill our deposits with appreciation and encourage and strengthen each other in our talents and gifts and also in our plans & projects. Inspire each other to walk our own path. The path of our heart. Our Hero’s Journey.

There will be dedicated workshops about different topics to deepen knowledge and skills which can than be applied and practiced in the “Step into the Flow” events that have a minimum of activities apart from the standard ones in order to create togetherness and connection.

Almost all our tours and trips are located at scenic locations that spoil our senses and set the foundation for an unforgettable experience.

We encourage all participants to keep in touch after the event and even share and exchange regularly with a buddy about how they are doing. Preferably in person but also online.

If all this has made you curious and you feel inspired feel free to join us on one of the upcoming experiences.

Communicative & Sociable

Light-Hearted & Easy-Going

Supportive, Encouraging & Strengthening