Abr 09 2020 - Abr 13 2020


6:00 am - 7:00 pm


250 EUR

Inspiration Camp – From EGO to WEGO – Adventure trip – Ardèche – France, 5 days

Event fee: 250 euros
Includes: Camping site, canoe tour

Camping equipment available for rent: 4 people tent, isomat, sleeping bag for 30 euros for the whole weekend.



Saturday: We will meet at Heidelberg Station at 8:00 and head for the Camping Site Pont d’Arc which is located at the shores of the Ardèche river and the Pont d’Arc. See event picture. We will check in and put up our tents.
Then we will meet the participants that arrive on their own.

Sunday: We will drive to a parking lot near Valon de Pont d’Arc and start our hike. After 3,5 km we will reach a viewpoint with a terrific view on Pont d’Arc, the arch-bridge which you can see on the event picture. From there to Le Chastelas Vallon Pont d Arc (Castle ruins). Then to the center of town where we will have a stroll around and maybe something to eat. Then along the creek called Net back to the parking lot.

Distance: 15 km
Ascent: 450 m
Descent: 450 m
Maximum Altitude: 416 m
Minimum Altitude: 10 m

Monday: We will rent canoes for the group (included in the event price) and do a 32 km tour on the Ardèche river down to Pont-Saint-Esprit where we will be picked up and get a lift back to the Camping Site. The canoes are two-seaters.

Tuesday: We will go on a hike along the Ardèche river. Starting point is the Camping site. From there we will hike to the Dragonnière de Labastide (supposedly a dragon cave?). About half way through we will have to cross the river which is supposed to be knee deep (Adventure). Water levels have to be checked beforehand. Better to bring some shoes or sandals along that can get wet. I don’t know it it can be crossed barefoot. From there to La Châtaigneraie, a nice beach. From there the same way back to the camping site.

Distance: 16 km
Ascent: 380 m
Descent: 385 m
Maximum Altitude: 165 m
Minimum Altitude: 38 m

Wednesday: We will pack our stuff and leave the Camping site and head back to Heidelberg. Spontaneously we could decide to add some additional activity.
Also after the scheduled activities we can decide to do something spontaneously. There are caves and much more ..

I offer 3 seats in my car. 64 euros per person. If the passengers on the back seat agree I could offer a fourth seat. Be aware that this is going to be a 8,5 hours drive! We will start at 8:00 and arrive around 17:00. +491624533588

What to bring:

Bucket list:


Please keep track of the comments section for changes.

Please notice that this event might include some activities in order to make it easier for all participants to get to know each other and connect on a deeper level. This might include a circle in order to introduce ourselves or some short games. Also at the end you might have the opportunity to share your experience with the other participants or suggest improvements. All this is voluntary and you can chose to not participate.

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