The Big 5 for Life Discovery Adventure – From EGO to WEGO – 9 km

This event is based on 2 books written by John Strelecky.

The Why are you here Café (Das Café am Rande der Welt):

It treats three questions:

1. Why are you here?
2. Are you afraid of death?
3. Do you live a fulfilled life?

According to the book we are afraid of death only if we feel that we have wasted our life so far and won’t have enough time to find and do what we really love.

What do you believe?

The Big 5 for Life (Was wirklich zählt im Leben):

The big 5 for life are the 5 topics, interests, passions or things yet to achieve that make our life worth living. How many of these are integrated in your daily routine?

An example:

1. To inspire people with words, writing, design, audio, video, imagery to ask themselves deeper questions about life.
2. Multiculturality (Travel, speak languages, be surrounded by people from all over the planet and submerge myself in different cultures)
3. Adventure and Challenges
4. Experience Community and to be integrated
5. Wisdom Discovery and learning

Do you live your own life?
Is it possible that you live somebody else’s life because you have adopted values without questioning them?

Event description:

The event will consist of a 9 km hike with breaks for instructions and activities.

We will meet at Ehrenfriedhof and will get to know each other there and receive the instructions.

Then each one of us will have one hour in order to go into the forest alone (or on the cemetery grounds which is a beautiful monument) and think about the 5 things that are essential for you to lead a fulfilled life. Please write them down in your notebook.

After that we will meet again and share our experience so far and answer to questions.

Then we will walk to the Japanese Arboretum in groups of two and talk about our big 5 for life or what they might be or try to find them out with the help of our partner.

From there we will continue on to the Northern American Arboretum with old Californian Redwoods where we will stay for some time and continue the process. There is an enormous Californian Redwood with a circle where we can comfortably sit.

At any time of the Adventure we can have stops if questions arise or help and assistance is needed.

Then we will continue on and have some more stops to check how the process is advancing.

Back at the Ehrenfriedhof I will assist each participant if there is still some tweaking needed. After that we will have the last circle where everybody has the opportunity to share his or her “Big 5 for Life”. This is optional.

The Big 5 you will discover in this event won’t necessarily be the definite ones. As you go on experiencing life you might find out that there are things that are even more important to you than the ones you have already discovered. Of course you can then modify them.

Distance: 9 km
Ascent: 178 m
Descent: 165 m
Minimum elevation: m
Maximum elevation: m

Event fee: 35 euros

Includes: Oat cookies, tea, workshop

PayPal is activated to avoid thoughtless RSVPs. Please contact me for payment options.

This is the first event in a series of events.

The next one will be the “INSPIRATION STATEMENT DISCOVERY ADVENTURE” where we will find out how you will give life to your Big 5 and the actions that inspire you, the actions you inspire with and the impact on your environment.

There will be more events of this kind all shining a light from a different angle to how to live a fulfilled life.

Meeting time:

9:00 AM

Meeting place: See map

What to bring:

• A smile

• A notebook and pen

• Sporty outfit adjusted to weather conditions (umbrella and / or rain coat if weather is unstable)

• Hiking boots or shoes with good traction for longer distances


• An isolationg mat to sit on

Please keep track of the comments section for changes.


35 EUR
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