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Jul 21 2018



Canadier & Bathing Fun Tour on the Tauber River

I had to shift this event to the 21st because on 22nd a motorbike group reserved all the boats. If you’d like to participate don’t drag your feet with the reservations!


Here is my second canoe trip for 2018.

This canoe day tour will take us 18 km from Bad Mergentheim to Distelhausen and we’ll have to cross various dams on our way. In order to cool down we can stop on our way and have a bath. Average time to get to Distelhausen is 5 hours but it can also take 7 if we are not in a hurry. After arrivel in Distelhausen we will be brought back to our cars in Bad Mergentheim.

A life jacket per person will be provided and also a watertight barrel per boat for your backpacks. You don’t have to wear the jacket if you are over 18 but it is nice and cosy to sit on. ???? For NON-SWIMMERS, as said you get a life-jacket and also on these kind of rivers water is almost never deeper than 1 m.

I’d suggest that if you’d like to participate you contact me by private message or mobile (+491624533588) and I will create groups of 3 people. Then one of you in the group makes the booking. Sorry to say but a lot of people on Meetup are not very reliable and I wouldn’t like to carry the economic weight. Payment will be in cash before the event in Bad Mergentheim. In order to contact them or talk to them the mobile number seemed easiest. +49171 3547945. Please mention that you belong to the Meetup group and also inform me if you have booked.

Starting times are flexible which means that you can start at any time you want. You could arrive an hour or two later and still catch up with the rest.


By car:

I would kindly request you to state in the comments section AFTER RSVP if you go by car and offer seats, if you prefer to travel alone or if you don’t have a car and are looking for a seat. Please also include your starting point and possible meeting point. Before starting a new thread please read the whole comments section from top to bottom!!!! Please include your phone number.

Distance from Heidelberg Hbf is about 134 km and travel time is approximately 1,5 hours but you should allow for a bit of delay and start earlier.

Meeting point:

09:30 AM at the Tauber River, Erlenbachweg in Bad Mergentheim. We will see the boats there waiting for us.

What to bring:

1. A smile

2. Snacks, food and abundant water (possibilities to buy food during the tour is uncertain)

3. Sporty outfit, adjusted to weather conditions, bathing suite, stable shoes that can get wet, hat

4. Sun lotion

5. Towel

I kindly request you to regularly check the comments at the bottom of this page because that’s the place where I will publish all changes and add important information to make things work out as smooth as possible.


Every participant is responsible for his/her safety and health for the entire duration of this event. Neither the organizer(s) nor the Rhein-Neckar Hiking & Outdoors Meetup Group will accept any liability for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from participation in this event. There may be circumstances (e.g. bad weather, closed trails, misleading instructions, etc.) that make the activity slightly more difficult or longer than expected.


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