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Jan 06 2019

Hike – Bismarcksäule – Thingstätte – Stift Neuenburg


We will meet in front of the O’Reiley’s Irish pub and head to Philosophenweg which is the most known walk in Heidelberg.

From there we will have some splendid views on Heidelberg Castle, the Neckar and Heidelberg’s old town.

We will stop to have a sharing circle, introduce ourselves and get to know each other.

We will pass by the column of Bismarck, walk up to Heiligenberg and the Thingstätte Amphitheater, the ruins of St. Michaels Abbey, Neuenburg Abbey and then back to Heidelberg through the forest. I find it very important to create a feeling of togetherness where everybody is seen and appreciated on my events. Although we will hike 16,36 km the focus is not so much on hiking but on social interaction, exchange and sharing. Meet as strangers, leave as friends. You need a certain fitness level for the 585 m ascent.

What I’ll provide:

  • Tea
  • Oat cookies

What to bring:

  • A smile
  • Food and drink for the duration of the event
  • Hiking boots and suitable clothing
  • Umbrella and rain gear if necessary
  • Don’t carry things in your hands. Bring a backpack.
  • The filled in and signed release of liability form which I will send to you after booking the event.

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