How to live my Mission in Life? Secret II – What do I love to do? My Passion?

“Most of us live our lives by accident – we live as it happens.

Fulfillment comes when we live our lives on purpose.

We can start a revolution when we know what we stand agains.

To create change that lasts, however, we need to know what we stand for.”


What is my life about?

Why am I here?

What is the title of the book of my life?

How can I contribute to make this the world I would love to live in?


This series of workshops consists of 4 modules which are offered regularly in ever changing locations. You can sign up for each of them individually without commitment to do them ALL. They will be repetitive and you can do them in the order you like. I would recommend doing them all.


The Four Secrets are the four ingredients necessary to define, discover and live our Life’s Mission or Life’s Purpose.


Secret One: Our gifts and Talents.
Secret Two: What we love to do. Our Passion.
Secret Three: What is absolutely essential in order to live a fulfilled life.
Secret Four: Our motivation. Why do we do what we do? Why do we want to do what we want to do?


Video about the 4 Secrets:


InspirationExperiences or iExperiences are one day events.


  1. Introductory Circle.
  2. Working in groups of 2 while slowly walking and having longer stops..
  3. Appreciation Circle with what you appreciate or feel inspired of your buddy.
  4. Wrap-up & Q&A
  5. End Circle


The rules for the InspirationCircle:
  • Only the person with the speaker’s staff speaks. Everybody else listens.
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Speaking from the Heart
  • Listening from the Heart
Meeting point:
Will be communicated after booking.
  1. Ehrenfriedhof
  2. Japanese Arboretum
  3. Californian Sequoia Arboretum
  4. Gaisbergturm
  5. Hutzelwaldhütte
  6. 3 Tröge Hütte
Distance: 10 km
Ascent: 210 m
Descent: 220 m
Minimum elevation: 220 m
Maximum elevation: 390 m
Event fee: 50 euros
  • Oat cookies
  • Tea
I offer 4 seats in my car from Heidelberg. 11 euros per person. Please get in touch if you are interested: +491624533588


What to bring:
  • A smile
  • Sporty outfit adjusted to weather conditions (umbrella and / or rain coat if weather is unstable)
  • Hiking boots or shoes with good traction for longer distances
  • An isolating mat to sit on




Trippstadt, Germany
Trippstadt, Germany


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