Deiva Marina, SP, Italy
Deiva Marina, SP, Italy
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Apr 30 2020 - May 03 2020


6:00 am - 10:00 pm



iAdventure, Sentiero Azzurro, Cinque Terre, Portofino, Ligura, Italy

This is another dream coming true. A hike along and through the “Cinque Terre” and the “Sentiero Azzuro”. 5 beautifully villages nested into a rock wall with beautifully coloured houses.

Event fee: 270 euros

3 nights at the camping site
Cinque Terre ticket including trains.

No food.
No transport to Italy.

Camping equipment available for rent: 4 people tent, isomat, sleeping bag for 30 euros for the whole weekend.

iAdventures are multiple day events.

Please bear in mind that these hikes are relatively short but will take some time due to stops to enjoy the views, let the impressions sink in and also visit the villages.

There are shops near the camping site where we can buy some food. Nevertheless I would recommend to bring some food along to be safe.

Thursday April 30:

We will meet at Heidelberg station at 6:00 in front of McDonalds. Optionally I could pick you up at home if you can’t manage with your tent and camping stuff. Then we will head for the camping site and build up our tents.

Friday May 1:

Sentiero Azzurro, Cinque Terre

The last two villages, MANAROLA and RIOMAGGIORE are only accessible by train due to landslides and will open again in 2021!



Car Park in Levanto
Walk to Levanto Train Station
Train to Monterosso
Stroll in Monterosso
Hike to Vernazza
Stroll in Vernazza
Hike to Coniglia
Stroll through Cornelia
Train to Manarola (the most beautiful of the 5 villages)
Stroll in Manarola
Train to Riomaggiore
Stroll in Riomaggiore
Train back to Levanto

We will stop at a pizzeria to have lunch!

Distance: 8 km
Ascent: 370 m
Descent: 280 m
Maximum Height: 170 m
Minimum Height: 10 m

Saturday May 2:

Sant Antonio Loop from Salita San Giacomo

Drive to Levanto
Piazza Giovacchino da Passano
Great view on Levanto
Great view on Monterosso
Punta Mesco

If all the participants are still fit we can continue to Monterosso which would add 6 km to the walk and about 350 m ascent and descent.

Distance: 10 km
Ascent: 450 m
Descent: 450 m
Maximum Height: 360 m
Minimum Height: 10 m

Sunday June 23:

Pack our stuff and leave the camping site
Visit to Portofino
Head back to Germany

Video Portofino:


I offer 3 seats in my car from Heidelberg and Viernheim. 75 euros per person. If you are interested please send me a private message, sms or whatsapp message with your phone number. +491624533588. If all passengers agree I might be able to offer a fourth seat.

Please notice that there will be some activities and possibly team building techniques at the beginning, during and at the end of the event to get to know each other, share what we have experienced, enjoyed and lived and also the opportunity to make suggestions for possible improvements. The participation is voluntary.

Meeting point and Camping site:

Will be announced after booking.

What to bring: