Step into the Flow | Nideck Waterfall | Alsace | France | 11 km

Step into the flow events are designed to reconnect with the feeling of flow, light-heartedness and ease in these troubled times.

Magic might be around the corner.

Many people are living in fear about their future due to the present situation. There might be a thousand different triggers for it.

Others might be really fed up.

Yet others might feel the urge to act.

Experiencing a day full of light-heartedness and ease in a safe, welcoming and nourishing group where we can be just who we are and our words and feelings are witnessed and honoured together with what is alive in us in the very moment can help us reconnect with our own intuition and bring inspiration and with it solutions and a different perspective and attitude.

The two most healing words are probably “me too” when other people tell us that they know what we are going through, that they are or have been at a similar point and confirm that nothing is wrong with us. That we are ok the way we are without belittling comforting, adviceing “away” our present state because it feels uncomfortable and difficult to bare. When we are met with understanding and empathy.

There will be some activities at the beginning in order to to tune in for the rest of the event. After that we will start the tour and everyone is free to engage freely. At the end of the event we all have the opportunity to share our experience with the other participants or anything else that might need to be addressed.

Join us and let’s “Step into the flow”.

Video about the “Step into the Flow” events:

Video Nideck:

I am very pleased to invite you to one of the most scenic locations in the French Vosges Mountains. The Nideck Castle and the Nideck Waterfalls..


Length: 11 km
Ascent: 280 m
Descent: 430 m
Max altitude: 620 m
Min altitude: 330 m

Event fee: 30 euros

If you economy doesn’t allow to participate in this event please get in touch and we will find a solution.



Paypal is activated to avoid thoughtless RSVPs. For payment options please get in touch: +491624533588

I can offer 4 seats in my car from Heidelberg. 17 euros per person. Please get in touch if you are interested: +491624533588

Meeting point:

The exact meeting point will be shared after booking.

What to bring:

✔︎ A smile
✔︎ An iso mat to sit on. Important!!!
✔︎ Food and drink for the duration of the event
✔︎ Sporty outfit adjusted to weather conditions (umbrella and / or rain coat if weather is unstable)
✔︎ Hiking boots or shoes with good traction for longer distances

This event will take place in accordance with the Covid-19 regulations for the day of the event! Please comply with those regulations.




Oberhaslach, France
Oberhaslach, France


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