Parking Lot Mückenloch
Neckarhäuserhofstraße, Neckargemünd, Germany
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Aug 29 2018



Tribal Singing around the Campfire

After the last successful campfire event here is the next one.

This one is about Tribal Singing around the Campfire.

Everybody brings something to eat and drink.

As the last time we will sing Malembe Toco Tambola.

After that improvised singing it the Call & Response style.

I will sing a melody and you will repeat it. Probably Lakota, Apache or Cheyenne style. Heya Heya Heya Ho.

You can also bring drums or rhythm instruments. We are out in the middle of nature and can make all the noise we want.

Where to meet:

The exact location:

Once you get to the parking lot park your car at the left end.
There is a small path leading down. There you cross the bigger path and continue down. You will see the group.

What to bring:

A mat or camping chair to sit on

Rhythm instrurments.

Something to eat and drink for yourself (and others)


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