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Eisenbahnstraße 1, Buchen, Germany
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Dec 22 2018


15 EUR

Visit to Stalactite Cavern of Eberstadt & Round Trip to Wart Tower – 14,6 km

I would like to invite you to a hike combined with a visit to the Stalactite Caverns in Eberstadt. We will start in Buchen and will walk 7 km to Eberstadt passing by the Wart Tower. The caves are open from 13:00 to 16:00. After the visit to the caves we will hike the second 7 km back.

Enter Buchen’s underworld – the stalactite cave in the Eberstadt quarter of Buchen has been discovered by accident. On December 13th in 1971, in the course of a blasting in the lacustrine limestone quarry, a 1 metre high and 2 metres wide gap opened up.

Already the first careful explorations gave an indication of the breathtaking beauty of this natural monument, a unique occurrence in southern Germany. With its variety of forms, the Eberstadt stalactite cave has an unforgettable effect on every visitor.

The cave is easily accessible and with a little bit of assistance it can also be visited by walking-impaired persons and wheelchair users. On well-constructed tracks you can get from the parking space to the back end of the cave without a single step. The cave is 600 metres long and its width varies from 2.5 metres to 8 metres. Within the cave the temperature is at a constant 11 degrees Celsius and the humidity level is around 95%.

The age of the Eberstadt stalactite cave is thought to be between one and two million years. During this time all the forms of sinter formation on the walls or the cave floor have developed. This includes stalactites – dripstones hanging from the cave’s ceiling and stalagmites – dripstones growing upwards from the bottom of the cave.

Event fee plus admission to the cavern:

15 euros

Payment will be through Paypal since there has to be made a reservation prior to the event.

I have 4 seats in my car from Heidelberg and Speyer. 8 euros per person. If you are interested please send me a private, sms or whatsapp message with your phone number. +491624533588. We will start at 8:30 in front of McDonalds Heidelberg Station.

Ascent: 195 m
Descent: 195 m
Minimum elevation:
Maximum elevation:

Meeting point:

see map above

Meeting time:


How to get there:

By train to Buchen Station

By car: See map above

What to bring:

• A smile

• Sporty outfit adjusted to weather conditions (umbrella and / or rain coat if weather is unstable)

• Hiking boots or shoes with good traction for longer distances


• An isolationg mat to sit on

Please keep track of the comments section for changes.


Every participant is responsible for his/her safety and health for the entire duration of this event. Neither the organizer(s) nor the Rhein-Neckar Hiking & Outdoors Meetup Group will accept any liability for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from participation in this event. There may be circumstances (e.g. bad weather, closed trails, misleading instructions, etc.) that make the activity slightly more difficult or longer than expected./


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