Zwingenberg (Baden)
, Zwingenberg, Germany
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Aug 03 2019


8:00 am - 4:00 pm



Wolfsschlucht & Margarethen-schlucht – 14 km – Best Hike in the Area – FREE EVENT

Picture by courtesy of Nils Manuel Mora.

This is one of my favourite hikes ever.

Event fee: free

This is one of the most scenic hikes I have ever been to in the Heidelberg area. GORGE OF THE WOLF and the GORGE OF MARGARET. It is said that the second one got its name because the Odenwald’s last wolf was shot there.

We will meet at Zwingenberg Bahnhof where we will start our hike. First we will walk to Zwingenberg Castle and from there up to the Wolfschlucht, cross over through the forest to Neckargerach where we will visit the even more scenic Margarethenschlucht. From there we walk back to Neckargerach.

We will pass by running water, climb over fallen trunks, admire the waterfalls and enjoy a landscape I’m really looking forward to. It can be a bit slippery when wet so make sure you wear good hiking boots or footwear you really feel comfortable in. It is also said that in the worst case there are some spots where we can get our feet wet or pass by narrow pathways where we have to hold on to an attached cable or rope.

Here is the video from one of last years events to the gorges:


Starting time: 10:49 AM

Meeting point: Zwingenberg (Baden) Bahnhof (not Zwingenberg Bergstrasse!!)

I offer 4 seats in my car from Heidelberg. 5 euros per person. Please contact me by private message with your phone number. My one is +491624533588.

What to bring:

* Sporty outfit, adjusted to weather conditions

*Hiking shoes or boots with soles that provide good traction

* Lunch, snacks and drink

* Umbrella, just in case

How to get there:

By train: S1 from Mannheim Hbf (09:38) or Heidelberg Hbf (09:55) – This may vary depending on the chosen day, (please check yourself)

I kindly request you to regularly check the comments at the bottom of this page.

Be aware that these events have a structure. At the beginning of the event we all have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and get to know each other using different kinds of techniques. Also at the end of the event there is the possibility to share our experience with the other participants and give suggestions and a feedback. This is optional and you can chose not to participate.


Every participant is responsible for his/her safety and health for the entire duration of this event. Neither the organizer(s) nor the Rhein-Neckar Hiking & Outdoors Meetup Group will accept any liability for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from participation in this event. There may be circumstances (e.g. bad weather, closed trails, misleading instructions, etc.) that make the activity slightly more difficult or longer than expected.