Parkplatz Kiosk Wutachmühle
Wutachmühle 1, Löfflingen, Germany
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Jun 09 2018



Wutach Gorge – Black Forest – 14 km

The event will only take place if 3 seats in my car are booked. I would appreciate other drivers to take passengers as soon as my car is full.

Once again the Black forest.

This one will be through the wonderful Wutach Gorge. We will start at the Parking Lot at Wutachmühle, leave our cars there and take the bus to the Parking lot Loterbachklamm where we start our hike.
Your contribution, donations and event fees:

On my last hikes I shared that I will soon go pro with Nature Events. Convert my passion and vocation into profession. Being self-employed I need to cover my costs and without a contribution from my participants I will need to do events that cover that need. Free hiking events will not do that, or hasn’t until now. Nevertheless I am really passionate about them. I would recommend a donation from 5 to 15 euros. 5 is good. 15 is perfect. I don’t want to bring economic interest into the group since it was free since 2009 and the donation is voluntary. I will shift my workshops to my Everything Nature group soon where events will have a fixed price. This can keep me going with at least one hiking event a week. Also I would love to convert my hikes into a real experience event instead of an ordinary hike rushing through the forest. I hope to get your attention and support. As always you can approach my green bag on my backpack at all times. Thank you!

I always have 4 seats in my car. 20 euros per person. Since obviously most don’t read my comments below I’ll state it here as well. If you’d like a seat please send me a private message with you phone number for fast contact. I’ll prefer to chose participants with phone numbers.

Meeting point:

Wutachmühle (see map above)
Be on time since we are going to take the bus (3,20 euros) to Lottenbachklamm at 11:00. Bus 7344

See map to the right

Bus timetable:


Meeting time:

09:45 AM

How to get there:

By car: See map on the right

What to bring:

• A smile

• Sporty outfit adjusted to weather conditions (umbrella and / or rain coat if weather is unstable)

• Hiking boots or shoes with good traction for longer distances

• Food and water for the time of the hike

Please keep track of the comments section for changes.


Every participant is responsible for his/her safety and health for the entire duration of this event. Neither the organizer(s) nor the Rhein-Neckar Hiking & Outdoors Meetup Group will accept any liability for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from participation in this event. There may be circumstances (e.g. bad weather, closed trails, misleading instructions, etc.) that make the activity slightly more difficult or longer than expected.


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