Nature Connection Nature Coaching

Three hour session  140 € instead of 250 € until April 25!

What is Nature Coaching?

Nature is full of wisdom ans shows us the way. But do we listen?

She accepts us the way we are and therefore allows us to be ourselves. Or maybe to just simply “be”. We feel welcome, accepted, in the flow, connected and free. These are ideal conditions in order to get in touch with our own inner wisdom.

In a Nature Coaching session we take your question, your request and wish along into the forest, while Nature will be the teacher, not the coach.

We start walking together and you will lead intuitively and listen to your impulses. You will be attracted by things that mirror your internal world and can serve as a helper.

The coach holds a safe and nourishing space, acknowledges, witnesses and listens to your words and feelings without judging, trying to explain them, comfort, advice or want to make them “go away” in any other way. You can just be there with anything that shows up without having to be different.  Something we all yearn for.

The coach guides you with tools to how to discover your answers and reminds you if you miss something on your way and invites you to have a closer look.

In self-responsibility you recognise your answers and implement them. The coach supports you as much as he can.

Nature Coaching Video Playlist

3 Hours Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Duration: aprox. 3 hours

  • Introductory Talk
  • Nature Experience
  • Final Discussion

Prices upon request.

The meeting point will be chosen individually.

Whole day Individual Coaching

Whole Day Discovery Journey

According to my experience we need several hours in nature before we can leave behind our daily routines, calm down and get in touch with ourselves. On of my regulars once said that she needed 8 km in order to calm down. The more we are in touch with ourselves the more open we are for what can happen in Nature Coaching. The reminder of the time can be used to talk about other important topics.

  • Walk & Talk
  • Nature Coaching

Prices upon request.

Whole Day Group Coaching


Duration: from 10.00 to approx. 18:00

Why are these events called a Discovery Journey?

They offer the possibility to discover new perspectives, new possibilities and have new experiences since our world might not go back to the old normal. We might need to create a new normal.

Discovery Journey events are about:

✔︎ Nature Connection

✔︎ Human Connection

✔︎ Connection to Ourselves

They include elements from Nature Coaching, Wilderness Mentoring, Mindfulness Practices, Meditation and many more techniques in order to deepen these 3 kinds of connection.

We will start walking slowly and have stops on our way to do the activities.


1. Greeting Custom (Everybody is welcomed and integrated with the participation of the whole group).
2. Introduction
3. Interactive Exchange about a chosen topic
4. The Secret Question
5. Mindfulness Practice
6. Socialising, light-heartedness, fun & laughter
7. Nature Coaching – Embark on a mission – alone (according to instructions)
8. Socialising, light-heartedness, fun & laughter
9. Sharing answers to the Secret Question
10. Good-bye Custom. Sharing our experiences and suggestions.

We will have stops on our way in order to marvel at the landscapes, appreciate the environment and to sharpen our senses.


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Draft your Inspiration Statement

Knowing your Inspiration Statement is a powerful tool for living a fulfilled live with a purpose. You will know why you get up in the morning and what’s your motivation.


“Most of us live our lives by accident – we live as it happens. Fulfillment comes when we live our lives on purpose. If you say your job is something you”don’t plan on doing forever,” then why are you doing it now? We can start a revolution when whe know what we stand agains. To create change that lasts, however, we need to know what we stand for.”