Let’s get in Touch with our true Nature. Feel Connected. Experience Adventure. Be Happy.

Mischievous Mind


Multicultural & Multilingual

Lover of Truth & Wisdom

Oliver’s driving force is a deep love for truth and wisdom.

He also loves to infect others with that love. Infect them in order to start asking questions.

He feels most alive when connecting with people on eye level as equals out in nature and when he contributes to creating connection among them and sees friendships build and perdure outside of the events.

He loves to remind that we are ok the way we are.

He loves to see that trust builds which wasn’t there yet in the morning.

And also a sense of belonging which many of us might yearn for.

He feels very moved witnessing how a sparkle finds its way into our eyes during the course of a day that wasn’t that strong initially and how our facial expression has changed.

Due to his multicultural upbringing he loves to surround himself with people from all over the planet and enjoys that rich heritage and easily relates to most cultures.

He loves to share all the stories he has lived and loves it even more when people are interested in listening.

He loves to encourage and inspire people to take a step out of their comfort zone and show themselves a bit more vulnerable than feels comfortable. Because that’s where connection happens. That’s where the magic is. When we see that people trust us and we can trust them. And when we appreciate an honour that trust and vulnerability. It takes courage and risk but the reward can be great.

Vulnerability is not weakness!

And last but not least he loves to see how much we have opened up and connected so that we gladly say good-bye with a hug to people who were strangers in the morning.

And he also loves to say good-bye in the same way.

More information and credentials coming soon

But aren’t credentials for the mind? Didn’t we want to practice seeing with the heart?


Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions Addict

Hug Aficionado