The Journey back …

The journey back started at the exact date of September 11, 2001. After the 2 airplanes hit the twin towers in New York Oliver asked himself what was wrong with this planet. The next question was what he could contribute to make this the place he would love to live in.

The first answer was: „Start with yourself“! And the first questions appeared. Why are we longing for security? Why are we longing for material goods? Why are we longing for power? Why is there anger, fear, jealousy, envy, shame and guilt? Why is there suffering? And eventually the question: “Who am I” and “Why am I here?. That’s when the journey began.

In the past he had traveled the world as an electrical technician and suddenly found himself speaking 6 languages. With that background he went back to school in order to gain his access to university and spent a year studying European Business management which was the missing part in addition to a technical background and languages. Supposedly. Until he found himself in the Indonesian Jungle surrounded by indigenous people in loincloths, with tattooed stripes on their thighs and women with a bare torax.

Observing those people, their happiness, harmony and natural lifestyle it dawned on him that something was going wrong in our Western World. But many years had to pass yet until that insight worked its way through to a definite decision. After countless jobs as a receptionist, self-employed language teacher, translator, interpreter, real estate and mortgage broker, customer liaison officer and a couple of years working for a multimillionaire he decided to hit the brakes and discover something worth spending his time with.

That quest took him from the island of Mallorca where he had lived for 9 years to mainland Spain where he met a doctor who he studied TNDR Therapy and Bioenergetic Analisis with as tought by Dr. Alexander Lowen. His quest also took him to the Middle East and the Amazon where he spent some time with Shamans in Southern Colombia.

After years of Workshops, Seminars and reading books he could finally define what his life was about and what he loved to do. His inner fire.

To bring people together in a multicultural and healing environment out in Nature and stimulate collaboration so that they can open up and get in touch with themselves and ask themselves how to contribute to creating the world they would love to live in. Basically down the same alley he had gone and gained a lot of experience with.

The result is the INSPIRATION STATEMENT. Our life’s purpose expressed in one simple actionable sentence.

And the journey continues …


was born in the year 1970 in the German town of Viernheim. His parents are Hungarians from Serbia. Most of his life he has lived in Germany and Spain but also in Serbia and Hungary.

Oliver’s driving power is the belief that curious, creative, inspired and passionate people who love what they do can change the world for the better.

If all important positions on our planet were covered with people who are motivated by deeper values eventually things have to change.

Maybe an unreachable goal. But a worthy mission.

Oliver has been organizing, guiding and facilitating events since 2014. Back then Oliver attended an event and the organizer told him that he was a born organizer, guide and facilitator and should organize and guide events. Oliver declined and the conversation was finished. Nevertheless the organizer didn’t take no for an answer and sent him a perfectly designed event add the same day with the name Oliver in the organizer field. Oliver couldn’t resist and published the event. 20 people came and he was hooked.

Draft your Inspiration Statement

Knowing your Inspiration Statement is a powerful tool for living a fulfilled live with a purpose. You will know why you get up in the morning and what’s your motivation.


“Most of us live our lives by accident – we live as it happens. Fulfillment comes when we live our lives on purpose. If you say your job is something you”don’t plan on doing forever,” then why are you doing it now? We can start a revolution when whe know what we stand agains. To create change that lasts, however, we need to know what we stand for.”